Profiles: Jazmin Chavez

Jazmin is a highly motivated, energetic, dedicated and a passionate social media strategist and social innovator in New York City.

Born in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico,  Jazmin has lived a trans-national and bi-cultural experience. As an immigrant herself, Jazmin’s identity and ideological foundation stems from the experience of comprehending and navigating the U.S. legal system. From this foundation (with over 10 years of legal experience), she serves as a passionate advocate and strategist for immigrant rights and has dedicated her professional life to becoming an effective justice innovator and movement entrepreneur for communities in need.  She is a featured writer for Being Latino, Ms. JD, Fox News Latino and currently serves as the social media strategists for Being Latino Online Magazine, East Willy B: An Original Web Series and the American Bar Associations’ Commission on Women.

She is the founder of Justicia Hoy, a site that utilizes innovative lawyering to monitor, comment and report on news, laws and events that have an impact on the Latino and immigrant community across the nation; co-founder of Pinxe Cards, a Spanglish greeting card company; and co-founder of (we)Build Mexico, a non-profit that partners with Non-governmental organizations in Mexico and the United States to create socially, economically and environmentally sustainable economies for Mexican communities ravaged by NAFTA and the current drug war.

Creatively, she utilizes her skills as a graphic designer and social media strategist to create brand, identity, relationship and conversation for social movements, individual artists, non-profits and online businesses.  She has a tremendous  passion for blogging, micro-blogging and community participation leadership. She is an amazing note-taker (thanks to law school) and has served as a graphic scribe for state and federal agencies and non-profit organizations.  Her work focuses on utilizing critical race theory, marketing in the Latino community, social justice and legal theory to examine new tactics for communication and social movements through social media platforms, community participation leadership and narrative power analysis.  Additionally, she assists law firms, government organizations, businesses and non-profit organizations in evaluating the ethical obligations and responsibilities of social media use in their daily interaction, outreach and practice.

Jazmin has over ten years of experience in community organizing and strategic online educational outreach in underrepresented communities with an emphasis in immigration law, international law, human rights and humanitarian law.  She has collaborated with state and federal agencies and non-profits to assess, create and implement social media strategies that provide educational, post-secondary and legal options for low-income, at risk, and undocumented communities.  Through her efforts, she has established relationships between agencies and organizations to build community partnerships that increased community awareness of legal and educational opportunities in Colorado and New York.

In her free time, she enjoys being a foodie with her husband, and you can often find her at Joe’s Shanghai eating her favorite soup dumplings or preparing for hot dog and dumpling eating competitions in New York. Meet Jazmin at our next event, where she will be presenting on Latinos is Social Media.


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