Profiles: Elizabeth Pastor

Born in Madrid, Elizabeth Pastor is co-founder of Humantific and director of its UnderstandingLab. She is an innovation consultant, facilitator and trainer with a unique expertise in Visual SenseMaking and Strategic Co-Creation. Her passion lies in helping people learn, understand and make sense of complex situations in new and inclusive ways. She is also co-founder of NextDesign Leadership Institute, where she teaches Visual SenseMaking and Strategic CoCreation as part of NextD’s Complexity Navigation Program. Prior to founding Humantific, Elizabeth co-founded Scient’s Innovation Acceleration Labs, with GK VanPatter. She holds a master’s degree from Art Center College of Design in California, where she focused on the power of information design to enhance the learning process. Her present research involves SenseMaking for ChangeMaking in social and organizational contexts. Elizabeth is a frequent speaker at conferences in the U.S. and Europe.

Q: Do you find that a different sensibility is required when communicating visually to a bilingual community?

A: You should always know who you are communicating to (or collaborating with) to create exceptional experiences that speak to them and engage them. If you are communicating to a bilingual community this is something that you must take into consideration. It’s the same way as when I speak with a friend who is bilingual… I probably say things differently. Don’t you?

Q: As a creative professional, how do you find that this affects your practice?

A: I would say it enhances my practice, because being culturally bilingual is multi-faceted, and that is usually an advantage in business. Being able to understand and connect with several cultures in a deep way is not only enriching and fun, but it gives you an extra edge. Who doesn’t want an extra edge?


Elizabeth will be one of the four speakers at our upcoming event on October 5th.  For more details on the panel and to RSVP, click here.

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