Profiles: Alison Meislin

Born and raised in Arizona, Alison Meislin moved to San Francisco after receiving her master’s degree in psychology, where she managed the Compass Family Shelter. Thereafter, she transitioned into the technology field, working in sales and recruiting for Yelp and Vitamin T. Currently a recruiter for Vitamin T in New York City, she helps Creative Web, Online Marketing, and Graphic Designers find exciting positions in the city.

Q: What do you view as the role of the Hispanic creative professional in Contemporary America?

A: The role of the Creative Professional in Contemporary America is trending to be one of much importance, and the demand for bilingual talent is very high. In the vast majority of cases, if I were to place two creative candidates who looked identical on paper in front of my clients, and one was bilingual and the other not, the bilingual candidate would get chosen.

As language tends to vary by dialect, and culture by region, the bilingual and bi-cultural creative becomes invaluable, helping to bridge the communication gap. This is beneficial to our clients because it means everything from content to actual web development is effectively reaching all intended audiences, and thus driving in more revenue.

As the Latino population continues to increase in America, the bi-cultural creative professional will only continue to become more in demand.

Q: Do you think there is a need to educate others on this niche market and, if so, what do you think the challenges are in doing so?

A: Considering all of the above listed attributes Latinos offer in the professional workplace, I believe educating people on their market is important but not nearly as prevalent as it should be.

In my opinion, the biggest challenge is a lack of recognition. The nature of being a minority means less of an overall presence. While there are many notably successful Latino professionals in today’s business world, such as Samuel A. Ramirez, Sr. and Nina Tassler, they do not have as strong of a voice.

Therefore, demographics are not mirrored from the top of companies down to the bottom. Until there is more diversity, there will be less of an understanding. And with less of an understanding, there is less of an urgency to educate on how beneficial hiring from the Latino Market can be.


Alison is one of the four panelists speaking at our next panel Strategizing Visibility for Latino Creative Professionals.  For more information on the event and to RSVP please click here.

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