Profiles: Luigi Laguna

Born in Mexico, designer Luigi Laguna’s entrepreneurship began in 1987 when he helped open his family’s electronics business. After a successful career as an actor in both the United States and his native Mexico, he started BéBU Leather Accessories. Inspired by Mexico’s ancient Aztec and Mayan heritage, his designs are sold through high-end boutiques and retailers including Saks Fifth Avenue, Barneys and Anthropologie. His designs have been featured in publications such as the Italian magazine Inscena and the U.S. magazine Latina, and have been worn by celebrities including Michelle Pfeiffer, Ricky Martin, and Shakira. He holds a bachelor’s degree in communication sciences from UNAM (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México) and an acting degree from the Centro de Educación Artística (Mexico).

Q: Do you find that a different sensibility is required when communicating visually to a bilingual community?

A: Yes.  You must bring distinctive sensibilities that connect to cultural and linguistic differences.

Q: What do you view as the role of the Hispanic creative professional in contemporary America?

A: There is an openness and newness to Latin designs and Latin professionals currently in America.  I think Latinos can establish and shape positive history and a powerful future by demonstrating innovation, leadership, and creativity while maintaining a sense of Latin sensibility.


Luigi is one of the four panelists speaking at our next panel Strategizing Visibility for Latino Creative Professionals.  For more information on the event and to RSVP please click here.

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