Motivations: NYDesigns

NYDesigns, in collaboration with Hostos Community College and with generous funding from the Small Business Administration (SBA), surveyed and interviewed 70 Latino designers to gauge the state of design entrepreneurship within New York City’s rapidly expanding Latino community. The study assessed key challenges and proposed strategies that would benefit Latino designers most in propelling their business forward. The report, Créate: Diseñadores de Nueva York, was published in the late Summer of 2010.

One of the recommendations from the report was the creation/development of a professional network for Latino Designers.

The survey and interview respondents expressed frustration at some point in their careers trying to access knowledge and expertise on practices and methodologies standard in the design business. An organization or network facilitating the sharing of ideas and experience between more experienced and less experienced designers would help resolve some of these issues. Such an organization could also advocate for and promote the interests of Latino designers and involve itself in civic projects, for example the mentorship of young adults curious in exploring a future in design. So: this was NYDesigns’ response. Through a networking event, we started brainstorming with SVA and year later, here we are.

You can learn more about the report and the full initiative here.

Also: RSVP here for our upcoming Conversacion on October 5th!


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